Ep. 10 Flavoring Magic for Players and DMsEp. 11 How to Play After You’ve DM’dEp. 12 How We Ran a 3+ Year Campaign
Ep. 14 Planning the End of a Campaign in Real TimeEp. 15 Point of Inspiration (Not the mechanic…like real Inspiration)Ep. 16 Philip’s Inspiration
Ep. 17 Character Death: Dealing with the Loss and Moving OnEp. 18 Evil Characters and Villains: Just because you’re bad guy, doesn’t mean you’re “Bad Guy”Ep. 19 Tipping the Scales: Using Dragons in your Game
Ep. 1 How Does D&D 5e Compare?Ep. 20 The Knowledge Check’s Q&AEp. 21 Gift Giving: The Art of Loot
Ep. 22 Four Non-D&D Games To TryEp. 23 Putting the RP in Tabletop RPGsEp. 24 Different Ways to Play D&D
Ep. 25 Homebrews and HouserulesEp. 26 The Art of Co-DMingEp. 27 Playing Holier Than Thou- Covering the Cleric Class
Ep. 28 Being the Ultimate Con Artist: Playing and Running Convention GamesEp. 29 Master of the World, Keeper of the Lore: Using World Lore in Your GamesEp. 2 The Fighter Class: Eye of the Felidar
Ep. 30 Keith Baker Talks World BuildingEp. 31 Scheming Like a VillainEp. 32 Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes!
Ep. 33 Livestream Q&A!Ep. 34 Wayfinder’s Guide to Eberron Review!!!Ep. 35 Running a Narrative Game (With Special Guest Sam Stewart)
Ep. 36 The Knowledge Check LivestreamEp. 37 Character Flaws and Party DynamicsEp. 38 Picking A Game Back Up After A Hiatus
Ep. 3 The Boss Fight!Ep. 4 So You Made a Deal With the Devil…The Warlock ClassEp. 5 Ten Things We Wish We Knew as a New DM
Ep. 6 Top Ten Tips for Players!Ep. 7 The DM’s Spellbook!Ep. 8 Lawful Good Isn’t Always Lawful Nice
Ep. 9 Divine, Religion, and Gods..Oh My!- Gods in D&D and Creating Your Own PantheonEp 13. How We Planned & Ruined a 3+ CampaignEpisodes
Tales from the Yawning Portal ReviewThe Knowledge Check WikiTomb of Annihilation Review
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